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What do I need to use SuperScore?

Currently you need an iPad 2 or later to use SuperScore.

Where do I get SuperScore?

You can get SuperScore by going to the App Store on your iPad. Search for SuperScore Music, which is the complete name of the app. Or, tap here.

How much does SuperScore cost?

SuperScore for the iPad is a free app, and it comes with a number of free sample files to get your started. Many of those sample files are from the CyberConservatory Library.

Other SuperScore publications are available as in-app purchases in the Store inside the SuperScore app.

How do I purchase CyberConservatory publications for SuperScore?

Open the SuperScore app on your iPad. If you are opening the app for the first time, follow the instructions to open one of the included sample scores.

While viewing a score on the screen, tap the Shopping Cart button in the upper left area. This will take you to the Store. SuperScore Store Button

Once you are in the Store, look for the CyberConservatory folder and the Carl Fischer folder. You’ll find our publications inside these folders.