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Is it necessary to have a MIDI keyboard to use CyberConservatory publications?

No. You do not have to have a MIDI keyboard to use our SuperScore publications. You can use SuperScore with a traditional acoustic piano.

NOTE: You may wish to connect your iPad to speakers in order to increase the playback volume.

With or without a MIDI keyboard, you can view and interact with our publications on the iPad in many ways. The SuperScore app enables you to:

  • change the viewing size of the music
  • hide the notation for duet parts
  • turn pages by swipe, foot pedal, or automatically during playback
  • listen to playback of the piece (including accompaniment parts, if any)
  • change tempo
  • add a metronome to playback
  • mute individual parts or all backing tracks
  • loop sections for repeated practice

What are the advantages of using a MIDI piano or keyboard with CyberConservatory publications?

You can take your use of our publications to an even higher level when you play a MIDI-capable piano or keyboard that is connected to the iPad. When you connect a MIDI keyboard, SuperScore will provide these additional features:

  • Learn mode: SuperScore will wait for you to play each note correctly.
  • Jam mode: SuperScore will wait for you to play the first note (then you must keep up).
  • Perform mode: SuperScore will follow your tempo.
  • All interactive modes: SuperScore will respond to your dynamics, adjusting the playback tracks accordingly.
  • SuperScore will make a temporary recording of your performance that you can play back.

Are your webinars free?

Yes. Our webinars are free. However you must sign up for them ahead of time as “seating” is limited.

Within a few days following each webinar, we’ll post a replay video on this site.

How can I stay informed about your webinars, new publications, and updated news articles?

Please sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page.