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Can I Print CyberConservatory Publications in SuperScore?

I occasionally hear this question: Can I Print CyberConservatory publications in SuperScore?

The quick answer is: No, but most of them are available in print.

Before talking about the availability of printed versions, I would like to provide some context.

In my own studio, this question never arises. My students range in age from 7 to adult and all of them have iPads. Three quarters of them have a MIDI-equipped piano at home, and we take advantage of that fact. The others use SuperScore in a helpful but non-interactive manner with their acoustic piano.

All of my students are adept at using SuperScore and its features. In no case has complexity of technology presented an impediment. Even the 7 and 8 year olds use the iPad independently.

My students enjoy many benefits of SuperScore:

    • Accompaniments serve as a musical metronome, promoting steadiness, good phrasing, and student motivation.
    • Learn mode, used at home, ensures that students only learn the correct notes.
    • Resizable notation enables beginning readers to see the music at an appropriately large size and enables experienced readers to see more of the music at a small size.—My students use the “Collections” feature to create their assignments, which promotes efficient practice.
    • Students use the annotation feature as appropriate to help them learn their pieces.

Bottom line: I have found that my students are learning faster and taking more responsibility for their progress as a result of using interactive resources in SuperScore.

Given the superiority of SuperScore over print, my students never ask about being able to print from SuperScore. However, I hasten to point out that we do use paper scores as well, but only when the music is not available in SuperScore.

Despite my foregoing commentary, the question about printing is a legitimate one. After all, there are students and teachers who do not have iPads.

Although SuperScore does not offer a way to print the music, most of the CyberConservatory SuperScore publications are available in print from other sources. Many of them also have MIDI files available that can be used with Home Concert Xtreme for Mac or PC (or iPad).

Below is a listing of CyberConservatory publications that are available in print elsewhere. For those that have available MIDI accompaniments you can find the accompaniments here:

Carl Fischer (

Declarations of Independence by Paul Sheftel

Etude I by Paul Sheftel

Festivities for 4 Hands (or 2 People) by Joseph Rollino & Paul Sheftel

Finger Fitness by Lynn Freeman Olson

Further Festivities for 4 Hands (or 2 People) by Joseph Rollino & Paul Sheftel

In Perfect Accord by Paul Sheftel

In the Country by Paul Sheftel

Interludes 2 by Paul Sheftel

Interludes by Paul Sheftel

Keyboard Challenges by Paul Sheftel

Music Pathways Levels A, B, C, D (Discoveries, Activities, Solos)

No-Part Inventions by Paul Sheftel

Nocturne by Paul Sheftel

One Piano One Hand by Paul Sheftel

Paul’s Practical Piano Pieces by Paul Sheftel

Piano Favorites by Lynn Freeman Olson

Piano Patterns by Paul Sheftel

Scherzo for Piano 4-Hands by Paul Sheftel

YBK Publishers (

Duet Yourself



One Plus One

Personal Trainer, volumes 1-5

Preludes, Interludes, and a Postlude

Twenty Eight-Measure Etudes by Carl Czerny

Various Publishers

Classics Outside the Box Levels 1-6

(These are standard classical piece that are rendered in complete versions in SuperScore plus backing tracks. Nearly all of these pieces are available in standard editions from various publishers.)