One Plus One by Paul Sheftel  Cover Art
One Plus One by Paul Sheftel  Super Score Sample

One Plus One by Paul Sheftel

One Plus One consists of 14 solo pieces with optional piano accompaniments playable by teacher or another student on the same keyboard. These pieces are intended for early intermediate level students of all ages.

Each piece is based on a different scale or mode. Instrumental MIDI backing tracks are included to inspire the imagination and motivate practice.

Show or hide parts in SuperScore. Practice your part while SuperScore plays the other part. Set your own tempo. Loop sections for repeated practice.

Have fun playing with your real or virtual duet partner!


  • Chant
  • Hither and Thither
  • Melody
  • Mirrors
  • Mysteries
  • Peggy Babcock, Peggy Babcock
  • Pro and Con
  • Rituals
  • Round & Rough & Ragged “Rock”
  • Song
  • Spirals
  • Squirmy
  • To and Fro
  • Wistful Thinking

Enjoy these examples of music playback in SuperScore!

One Plus One in SuperScore