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Classics Outside the Box Level 3

Categories: Repertoire

This is the 3rd level (intermediate) in a 6-volume, graded series of classic piano works. Includes MIDI performances, engaging but optional accompaniment tracks, scholarly editing, and suggestions for learning. Created by Paul Sheftel and George Litterst.

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  • Allegretto, Op. 125, No. 3 – Anton Diabelli
  • Former Friends, Sz. 42, No. 3 – Béla Bartók
  • German Dance in D, Hob. IX-22, No. 2 – Franz Joseph Haydn
  • German Dance in D, WoO 15, No. 1 – Ludwig van Beethoven
  • German Dance in E, Hob. IX-22, No. 9 – Franz Joseph Haydn
  • Gigue from Sonata in C – William Duncombe
  • King William’s March – Jeremiah Clarke
  • Menuet in D Minor – Jean-Baptiste Lully
  • Minuet in G – Daniel Gottlob Türk
  • Musette in D Major – J.S. Bach
  • Playing Soldiers, Op. 31, No. 4 – Vladimir Rebikov
  • Soldier’s Song, Op. 249, No. 68 – Louis Köhler
  • Waltz, Op. 140, No. 7 – Cornelius Gurlitt

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