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Interludes by Paul Sheftel  Cover Art
Interludes by Paul Sheftel  Super Score Sample

Interludes by Paul Sheftel

Interludes is a fanciful collection 18 mood studies for piano accessible to students approaching the intermediate playing level or to any player of modest attainments. These pieces are all built on uncomplicated patterns that can be mastered with considerable ease and quickly memorized.

Fun MIDI accompaniments have been recorded by the composer!

This is a Carl Fischer publication, available in SuperScore.


  • Arpeggios
  • Chords I
  • Chords II
  • Chords III
  • Etude I
  • Etude II
  • Etude III
  • For the Left Hand
  • For the Right Hand
  • Hot Cross Rolls
  • Nocturne
  • Old Macdonald Had a Panda
  • Rhythms
  • Shifting Sounds
  • Smoothly Flowing
  • That Way
  • This Way
  • Venetian Blind Mice

Enjoy these examples of music playback in SuperScore!

Interludes in SuperScore